Sugar-Free Halloween

The cortex parent takes Halloween candy away  . . . and their kids smile!

The cortex parent takes Halloween candy away . . . and their kids smile!

Can your kids really enjoy a sugar-free Halloween? Yes.

Americans eat an average of 25 pounds of sugar—and much of that is trick-or-treat candy. But sugar consumption can weaken the immune system and increase hyperactivity in kids with and without ADHD.

That’s why the cortex parent doesn’t just cross her fingers and hope there’s no fallout from eating tons of Halloween candy. Here’s a solution that eliminates the candy binge–eating.

Once the kids return home from trick-or-treating, they go shopping at their very own sugar-free Halloween home store.  Everything here can only be purchased with candy.

At the bargain end, your child buys inexpensive non-edible items.  Sugar-free goodies are also for sale here. Such treats can be theme-based, such as eyeballs (peeled grapes with raisins in the holes for pupils) or those bought from companies who specialize in sugar-free candy.

But the bargain aisles won’t put much of a dent in your Halloween shopper’s candy bank.  That’s why there’s always a wrapped, mystery item—one for each child—at the far end of the store.

That item’s sale price? Whatever amount of candy remains in your child’s bag. Of course, the item is something your child has been wanting.   When my girls were young, their friends thought the store was “cool,” and they were never pitied for skipping Halloween’s sugar-fest.

The answer doesn’t have to be a store. Regardless of the solution, the cortex parent accepts the broader challenge of the question: How can we preserve the best of Halloween (trick or treating) without succumbing to the worst of it (eating all the candy)?

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