The Cortex Parent:   Parenting with the best part of your brain

Just what is the cortex?

It’s the grey, folded part of your brain that is responsible for logical thinking, reasoning, memory, and compassion.

We can think of the cortex as the area of our brain that allows us to respond in the best way possible. We also hope it’s the part that others are using when they’re interacting with us.

While some of these things are easier said than done, we define a cortex parent as someone who:

  • Reflects about a situation instead of reacting right away
  • Sees options instead of getting stuck on obstacles
  • Tries creative approaches to parenting
  • Incorporates humor into parenting (whenever appropriate)
  • Recognizes fear-based reaction and uses techniques to ensure a cortex response
  • Defines the true question or problem before seeking answers
  • Explores controversial topics and issues with an open mind

Cortex parents use the best part of their brain to help their child reach his or her full potential. It’s a humbling process.  Our goal with this blog is to help parents with this journey by offering current information, divisive topics, new perspectives, and fresh solutions.

How does this blog differ from other parenting blogs?
We link current knowledge of the brain to explain why children may behave a certain way.  We then tap into our years of experience working with thousands of families in the Brain Highways program to offer new perspectives and creative approaches.

Who is this blog for?
It’s for anyone who wants new perspectives and approaches to help kids respond with their cortex.

While parenting children with Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, OCD, Attachment Disorder, and other diagnoses can be particularly trying, raising any child is a challenging job. (To note: If there are parents out there who tell you they’ve never been fried, frantic, or frustrated. . . they’re not from Earth.)

Who am I?
I am an educator who has worked with special needs kids for over 30 years. I’ve also done extensive teacher-training and have written numerous educational programs used nationwide. In 1999, I created the Brain Highways program and am now the Executive Director of both the local and online program.

I’ll also have guest bloggers from time to time. These will include neuroscientists, doctors, teachers and other Brain Highways staff who apply their knowledge of the brain to help kids.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Nancy Sokol Green

The content of this blog does not constitute legal or medical advice.  All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only.

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